Namaskar Restaurant Exquisite North Indian Cuisine


Namaskar Indian Restaurant in Pretoria

Discerning patrons in search of quality dining can look to Namaskar Restaurant  for an answer to their quest. The indian restaurant in Gauteng has rolled out the red carpet and is ready to give its valued guests a taste of its much vaunted authentic North Indian Cusine in Pretoria- in a sumptuous and charming atmosphere. This combination has earned Namaskar the unofficial title of No. 1 Indian Restaurant in Pretoria.

Entrance to Indian Restaurant in Pretoria The Namaskar Indian Restaurant in Gauteng Bar A Classic Gauteng Indian Restaurant Buffet

Diners and patrons are treated to the exquisite North Indian cuisine, prepared by a chef specially imported from India. And at more than 50 tables, all elaborately numbered, Namaskar is a huge
diner-cum-functions venue capable of accommodationg 200 or more with ease.


"Namaskar symbolises the culture and heritage of India where we welcome everyone and into our residences without the slightest hesitation,"  declare the proprietors. Any  one who has visited the Namaskar

Namaskar Valentines 

Father's Day 

15 June 2014


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